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From Russia with love
Winter Soldier

Bundle up, soldier!

There is a time for every season, and now is the time for gathering winter clothes, because a new map is coming out! Race onto the snowy expanse of Vikendi with a new set. Your enemies won’t know what hit them!


Show my purchases
Key-code that activates the pack will become available within 24 hours since the Vikendi release on Live Servers. Your key-code can be found in "My Purchases" on this page.


Can I redeem the code in the Steam version?
Yes, the Winter Soldier set can be redeemed in Steam.
Where do I find Key-codes?
Codes are displayed on this page.
How long do I have to wait for them?
Key-codes will appear on this page within 24 hours of Vikendi releasing on PUBG Live Servers (scheduled for December 19).

If the codes are missing, contact our Support Team: https://support.my.com/games/kb/PUBG/
How to redeem key-codes?
You can redeem your code by following these instructions:
1. Launch the game
2. Open the "Store" tab and proceed to the "Items" tab
3. Navigate to the "Activate Key-codes" field in the lower left corner.
4. Enter your key-code there
When will my items be transferred to the character's inventory?
Instantly after redeeming a code.
Can Key-codes expire?
We recommend that you use them within the year.
Will I be able to trade items from this set on Steam?